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Is your computer running slow? Is it even running at all?! You are in the right place then. Here at PC Mania we offer both hardware and software repairs.

Our services include:

•             Desktops / Laptops

•             Laptop Motherboard Repairs.                                         

•             Remote Service.

•             In-Store / On-Site Repairs.

•             Office Network Support.

•             Virus Removal.

•             PC Optimization.

•             Hardware / Software Upgrades.

•             Custom-Built Systems.

•             Data Recovery.


About our HP/Dell Common issue repair service:

Many computer repair shops will tell you that you need a replacement motherboard for your laptop that just died. It most likely will not be the case here at PC mania. The repair service we offer is not only cheaper than replacing the motherboard, in fact it is more effective than replacing the motherboard with a brand new one. As these HP motherboard have a flaw that will cause this problem to happen over and over again. But we offer a solution to this flaw by modifying the motherboard and heatsink in a way that helps extending the life of the board.

The common issues on the laptops we service are:      


·         Laptop has power and turn on, but no display on screen

·         Laptop Beeps three time when turned on

·         Laptop turns on then shuts off right away

·         Laptop doesn't detect the hard drive.

·         Works with external monitor but not the built-in LCD

·         Cannot connect to the Internet, Wi-Fi not functioning

·         Blue screen and keep rebooting 


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